A Little Bit About Me

After wild camping on Dartmoor and a few other spots in the UK I have finally decided to share my adventures with anyone who wishes to know more about what I get up to in the middle of nowhere.

Well firstly a little about me. I’m Graeme, 47 years Β old and living in Salisbury. I’ve been wild camping for over 27 years now. My other hobbies include anything to do with ancient history and prehistory, a bit of fossil hunting, sampling the world of real ale, a bit of fly fishing, reading, and many others.

1993 – One of my first wild camps at the Mennock pass in the lowlands of Scotland

I spent many a happy holiday camping when I was a child with my parents, and I’m sure that’s why I’ve had the camping bug ever since. My first wild camp was in Dartmoor when I was 20 with my brothers and cousin nearΒ Scorhill stone circle, since then I’ve camped all over the moors. I’m hoping to get up to the Peak District when time and money allows.

2003 – Wild camping near Huntingdon Warren on Dartmoor

I was born in Chertsey in Surrey, for most of my life I’ve mainly lived in the South East of England. I resided for a couple of years in Dumfriesshire, Scotland and now I find myself living in Wiltshire. It seems that I’m unwittingly moving further west as the years progress. Who knows, I may end up in Dartmoor one day. Maybe that’s my secret plan..


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